Course Category Identifier 10 � Client In-House Courses
# Package Number Name
1 TP-AL-ICS-D-10001 Introduction to Confined Spaces
2 TP-AL-PTWCS-D-10002 Permit-to-Work in Confined Spaces
3 TP-AL-PPE-D-10003 PPE for Your Protection
4 TP-AL-FHA-D-10004 Food Hygiene Awareness
5 TP-AL-AB-D-10005 Abrasive Wheels
6 TP-AL-IGT-D-10006 Introduction to Gas Testing
7 TP-AL-ICOSHH-D-10007 Introduction to COSHH
8 TP-AL-IMH-D-10008 Introduction to Manual Handling
9 TP-AL-IS-D-10009 Introduction to STOP
10 TP-AL-IW@H-D-10010 Introduction to Working at Heights